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Designer Punjabi Suits Boutique Online Shopping w: Mera Punjabi Suit
Designer Punjabi Suits Boutique Online Shopping w: Mera Punjabi Suit

Designer Punjabi Suits Boutique Online Shopping w/ Mera Punjabi Suit

Welcome to Mera Punjabi Suit – A Designer Punjabi Suits Boutique Online. We are much pleased to see you here.

I guess now your search for ‘Designer Punjabi Suits Boutique Online Shopping’ has ended because you have found your personal boutique which will deliver your outfits directly at your doorsteps.

If you want to know more about the Punjabi culture then keep on reading.

The most traditional Punjabi dress for women is Suit and Ghagra along with phulkari.

There are many ornaments worn by Punjabi women like tikka, tveet, mchhli, saggi-phull, vaaliyan, jhumke, pippal-pattian, hmel, koka, ranihaar, choorhiyaan, kangan, jhanjar, ghungroo, and many more (the list is very long).

Especially, Salwar Suit along with dupatta (Chunni) is another Punjabi dressing style for women that is most common usually.

With this dressing style, usually, Punjabi Jutti is worn on feet. By the way, the Punjabi Jutti is the Punjabi variant of the shoe.

With a salwar suit, along with Jutti, a traditional hair braid is done where a ‘Paranda’ is worn as the tassels of the hair.

Phulkari suits are an evergreen trend doing rounds these days, be it in weddings or casual wear. Phulkari suits are a part of Punjab’s heritage and beautifully crafted by darn stitching with a colored silky thread.

Punjabis’ all-time favorite is the ‘Mera Punjabi Suit’ boutique as you get unique suits here which are completely customized to your specifications. Phulkari embroidery belongs to the Royal Punjab Heritage.

With our team of passionate designers, expert master couturiers, dedicated seamstresses, and custom-made embroidery, your outfit will be like no other.

In Punjabi weddings, weddings usually are solemnized at the Gurudwara. Punjabi brides wear a salwar suit or a lehenga choli. Mostly, the choli or the blouse is longer for the wedding. Post taking the Laavaan Phere at the gurudwara, the bride and the groom both may choose to dress up differently.

The Punjabi ghagra was the conventional attire for ladies before the approach of the Punjabi suit. It is as yet worn in pieces of the Punjab district and the outfit contains the Headscarf/Chunni, kurta/Kurti, Suthan/salwar, and the ghagra.

Punjabi suits look elegant and change your look in a fraction of seconds.

So, what are you waiting for?

Mera Punjabi Suit has so many designer Punjabi suits. Go check out the latest designer Punjabi suit designs and add them to your cart to have an amazing shopping experience here.

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